Healthy New Year!

With the arrival of 2012, Eumelia invited Troo Food Liberation to run a 4-day un-cooking workshop from January 4th-8th. The mornings began with an invigorating Iyengar yoga class taught by Haris Lyroni, who owns Shakti Yoga Studio in Mets, and the day continued with tasty lessons – based on both the theory and practice of raw, vegan cuisine  – taught by TFL’s Danae.

Participants were eager to let go of old habits and create a solid foundation for their new years health, weight-loss & detox resolutions by learning about the raw way of eating, and the course offered new perspectives and techniques as well as flavour-combining ideas for eating healthy, fresh, seasonal and organic food in creative, delicious ways. Foods were dehydrated, frozen, blended, chopped, mixed, dressed, diced, sliced, marinated and mashed but never cooked, and yet pizzas, pies, soups and pasta was created using quality ingredients.

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“Nothing will benefit human health and increase the chances for survival of life on Earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet.”
Albert Einstein


On January 4th-8th, Eumelia organic farm will be hosting an intensive, deeply educational, fun and unique workshop in raw food preparation, taught by Troo Food Liberation (TFL)!

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The dynamic, charismatic Troo Fooders have been actively stimulating the minds and tastebuds of people young and old around Athens & other parts of Greece and the world, teaching new, healthier approaches to eating. What better way to start the year than by learning to actually treat your body as your temple? Super-nutritious, slimming and beautifying raw food is far, far  more creative and exciting than a salad or fruit, and the TFL workshop will take participants from beginners to advanced levels. Some of the action to take place at Eumelia includes:

* Morning yoga class taught by certified Iyengar yoga teacher Haris Lyroni

* Intensive course offering profound knowledge in theory (nutritional & detoxifying benefits and other factors), ingredients, equipment and techniques required

* How to create a raw food menu – practice making breakfast, lunch, dinner and meals for special occasions

* Understanding & practicing texture, flavour and appearance principles

* Film screenings & games, excursions

Cost of 5 Day Retreat:

4 people sharing a house,
45 euro per person (housing)
X 4 nights = 180 euro
+ Workshop fee
& 3 meals per day
180 euro = 360 euro Total each person

For information on Eumelia Organic Agrotourism Farm & Guest House please contact us at info@eumelia.comwww.eumelia.com & +30.6959.00.47.47 or +

For information & reservationemail troofood@gmail.com or call Danae to ensure your place @ 694768684,www.troofoodstore.com

A trip to nearby Gytheio

The Museum of Mani, formerly a Maniot fortress-residence.





One of the many excursions nearby Eumelia is Gytheio, just 20 minutes drive from our farm. Year-round, Gytheio is a lively, picturesque harbour town where you can enjoy a fresh seafood lunch at the water’s edge, a stroll through the traditional backstreets, visits to interesting little stores, and the Mani folklore & ethnological museum on the tiny pine-covered island of Kranai. Beaches surround Gytheio and the Taygetos mountain range towers above it, creating a vibrant and colourful feast for the eyes.

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First snow

Today we awoke to behold the first snow on the peaks of gargantuan Mt Taygetos, one of the stunning mountains that visually embrace Eumelia

Pump up the jam

One of the best ways to enjoy our organic produce is by making it last for as long as possible, in its most delectable form. Alexia has been enjoying the beauty (and surprising ease) of making jams, chutneys and pickles, and the old fashioned 50s housewife-type pride of putting them in jars – and labeling them too. These are being made for our guests to enjoy above all, but we can’t resist trying (and polishing off) the sample jar. We have to make sure they’re good, don’t we?

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In a previous post you can read the recipe for green tomato chutney, which we discovered also tastes almost rustic and mediterranean (odd, as it’s sweet and infused with Indian spices) with freshly baked whole-wheat bread.

Eumelia just produced its olive oil of 2011, and we all went to the olive press to see it happen…and get a good taste of our fresh, biodynamic, extra-virgin oil!

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Olive oil for the soul

Once again, it’s olive picking season, and at Eumelia there is a flurry of activity as the olives trees are pruned, and olives are gathered and sorted by residents, helpers and guests, some for the production of the farm’s organic biodynamic olive oil, used for culinary consumption, as well as for making soaps and body products, some olives for brining and the rest to be returned to the earth as compost. The tree’s leaves will also be sorted and made into tea, which is highly therapeutic (http://www.herbwisdom.com/herb-olive-leaf.html). What an incredible plant!

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